Creating tomorrows software today!

No matter the challenge, from web to mobile, we have you covered. We can take your ideas and build them. Broke something? We can fix it. Give us a software challenge and we will happily try it!

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You Break It - We Fix It

With over 10 years of experiance, our staff are experts in fixing what others break. Rather Android, Apple, Windows, or even console level games, if you break it, we will fix it. Money back guarantee!

What else we Do

Unique Software

Need something different? We can design, build, and launch software just for you!

Business Solutions

Rather a small business or enterprise, we build scalable solutions and algorithms unique to to you.

Customer Support

Every solution we build comes with support. If anything breaks, we will fix it. Solutions up to 24/7 support.

Leading the Digital Era

In this modern era, we are here to take on the next level of challenges. This means staying on the forfront of technology. From helping create tomorrows next operating system, to ensureing the security of a nation. We are here piorneering the digital age of software.

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What We Offer

The devil is in the details, and we are all about the details at Brick Water Studios. You always get a money back garuntee, fast service, and we put your satisfaction above all else!

Easy To Manage

All of our software is created with users in mind, meaning ease of use is always priority.


Unlike most places, we do our best to provide manuals and documentation for our software, APIs, and SDKs.

Professionals Tools

Rather small or large, we take all jobs. We accept enterprise level just as much as small business and provide the same level of professonalism.

Ready Content

Want something fast? Ask about what we can do for you. You might even be able to get a discount on ready-made or easy-made content!

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

At Brick Water Studios, we preach simplicity. Following a method called K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid), we beleive that ever solition, rather simple or complex, has a simple solution. Further, we also beleive that not always is the first solution always the right one.